Call for participation

We take as our starting point Paul Chatterton’s (2006: 260) argument that: “acknowledging that protest encounters are emotionally laden, relational, hybrid, corporeal and contingent, possibilities open up for breaking the silences that divide us and overcoming ontological divisions such as activist and non-activist.” This symposium aims to involve conversations between activists and non-activists, as well as academics as activists in order to explore the complex construction of protests as events / events as protests. We propose an innovative coming together of activists and academics to build bridges, initiate debate and develop future research agendas.

The conceptualisation of protests as events and vice versa involves consideration of the temporalities of protests as well as the mobilities that are enacted to bring together an assemblage that may be on the move or fixed at a still point. Protests as Events/ Events as Protests was inspired by a workshop held at the University of Leicester in June 2012 entitled (Re)thinking Protest Camps: governance, spatiality, affect and media.

This call thus seeks papers that focus on one or more of the following topics:

* Conceptualisations of protests as events
* The academic/activist interface
* Timings and rhythms of protests
* Discursive constructions of protests
* Protest and political tourism
* Mobile assemblages and protests
* Embodiments of protest events
* Sustaining protests in the face of cultural changes
* Protests and sports events
* Critical hospitality and protests
* Governance and the governmentalities of protest events

We are now seeking proposals for papers for this symposium. Abstracts should be emailed to and be no more than 300 words. The call is now open and abstracts must be received by 10th March 2013 the very latest.

The Call For Presentation Abstracts has finished now and we do not accept any more abstracts submitted. However, we still welcome workshop proposals and anyone you wishes to join the event as an attendee.

call for participation: workshops

As part of the Protests as Events Symposium we are interested in incorporating a series of practical workshops for participants interested in developing their skills as activists. There will be opportunities for four workshops throughout the day. Each workshop will last 40 minutes, to include set up and clear up time and be for up to 25 participants. Any group interested in offering a workshop should submit an outline of the activity to

The outline should include a description of the activity, any notes regarding room layout, and the intended outcome/outcomes of the workshop. It is hoped that a selection of proffered workshops will be made into an eBook, made available free via our blog after the symposium, signposting the work of activists groups that have expressed an interest in the symposium.


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