Dr Paul Chatterton, Reader in Cities and Social Change, University of Leeds

Paul Chatterton is a writer, research and scholar-activist based in the School of Geography at the University of Leeds where he is Reader in Cities and Social Change and heads up the ‘Cities and Social Justice’ Research Cluster. He is committed to engaged, participatory forms of teaching and learning, as well as action-oriented forms of collaborative enquiry. He helped set up the Masters Programme ‘Activism and Social Change’ (see and is also founder member of Trapese, a popular education collective which undertakes workshops and training on direct democracy, campaigning skills and advice for grassroots projects.  He has written extensively on self-management, autonomy and engaged forms of community practice. Paul is on the editorial collective of the journal Antipode and helped found the Antipode Foundation, a public charity dedicated to radical scholarship. Paul is founder member of a community interest research company called ‘Leeds: Love it share it’. ( which has developed a toolkit to value underutilised community resources and was involved in the Common Place social centre in Leeds. He currently lives in LILAC, the first co-operative ecological co-housing development in the UK. See

His keynote presentation is entitled: In, against and beyond activism. A collaborative opening. This session will provide some opening comments to help generate discussion for the rest of the day. It will use a participatory open discussion format so participants can introduce themselves, recount their personal journeys and experiences, and share some introductory remarks on the symposium’s themes.


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